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2016 GES Event Information

Gamakatsu Elite Series is a large money payout event designed for the serious bream fisherman, this is the highest level in AFT tournaments and you will be competing against the best bream anglers in the country. This is a standalone event with 4 qualifiers and a Grand Final on some of the best waterways on the East Coast there is sure to be some competitive fishing and big bags to come in. This year it is an open event for anyone to enter but in 2017 it will become an invite only event so you have to be in it to fish it!

  •   $300 Entry Fee per Team
  •  4 Rounds (No regions)
  • Payout Top 10% get cash
    • E.G.  30 Teams
    • Top 3 win Cash, weighted to top
    • 1st $4320, 2nd $1800, 3rd $1080
  • Session Times:
    • 2 Day Events
      • Sessions:
        • Saturday (Arvo session)
          • 1pm – 5pm
          • Weigh-in 4:45pm
        • Sunday (Morning session)
          • 6:30 am- 12:30pm (DST) or 7:00am – 1pm (EST)
          • Weigh-in 12:15pm (DST) or 12:45 (EST)
          • Presentation 2pm (depending on number of teams)
  • Additional Rules
    • GTS Rules apply plus below:
      • Prefish Ban 5 days (Monday – Friday inclusive before event)
      • No of Fish to Weight
        • 5 Fish Bag Saturday
        • 10 Fish Bag Sunday 
  • Elite Team of the Year (ETOY) Information
    • Best 3 rounds count
  • Elite Grand Final Information
    • Invites to the Top 50% of Teams in ETOY (If 50 Teams then 25 spots in Grand Final)
    • 90% Payback
    • Entry Fee $600
  • Elite 2017 Invite Information
    • In 2017 GES is planned to become a INVITE ONLY ELITE series (Based on numbers being large enough to implement)
    • To qualify for the Elites you need to be one of the following categories
      • Top 20 ETOY 2015 will be invited back
      • Grand Final GES 2016 Winner
      • Top 15 TOY from GTS 2016 (Regions combined, highest scores), if not going to fish then passed down to max 25 TOY spot
      • Grand Final GTS 2016 Winner

2016 Events - Dates and Locations

Please check back regularly for event updates
Gamakatsu Elite Series
Event Location Date Region
GES Rd 1Gold Coast12/Dec/2015Elite
GES Rd 2Forster02/Apr/2016Elite
GES Rd 3Clarence18/Jun/2016Elite
GES Rd 4Taree30/Jul/2016Elite

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